Article: gaming tDCS headset uses electrical pulses to overclock your brain

Whoa! This is ummmmm…… gaming tDCS headset uses electrical pulses to overclock your brain


NBA 2K13

Well after playing the game for almost two days straight lol. I think that this years version of NBA 2K is an improvement from last year. The new control stick feature will take some time getting use to but after a couple games you’ll get the hang of it. The MyPlayer mode is more in depth and my personal favorite they’ve included a lot more classic shoes to customize your players’ shoe game. Another positive is all the classic teams you’ve always wanted to play w/ including the championship bulls teams, sixers with iverson, great lakers teams, and yes it’s true the 1992 dream team. You can finally play with one of the greatest teams of all time and even try your luck with one of the old teams online. If you haven’t picked up NBA2k13 yet. Give it a try its worth a shot!


NBA Live 13 or not?

Speaking as a previous NBA Live fan, i have to start off by saying that i’m extremely disappointed in the fact that NBA Live 13 has been cancelled ONCE AGAIN. There was an official statement released by the head person at EA Sports giving the reasons why the title has been cancelled for a second time after a three year lay off. I just want to know why a video game can not be produced in three years. I will be so happy when the NBA 2K series has some competition and has no choice but to step up their game. To make it all simple just get the guys from the Madden series to work on NBA Live for next year and I know for sure it’ll be releasing. I’m pretty sure we don’t have to worry about Madden taking years off!Image

Madden 13

EA Sports’ Madden NFL 13 has gotten off to a hot start. Electronic Arts announced today that the newest gridiron football simulator, which launched Tuesday, sold 900,000 copies during its first 24 hours for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. ┬áThis marks a 7 percent rise over last year’s version, and represents the most successful Madden launch this console generation. Wow, that’s huge and from my personal experience with the game this is the best one yet thanks to the new physics engine EA has came up with. Great Job EA Sports.