I never thought this day would come and then…….


Samsung introduces their newest Galaxy: the S5

At Mobile World Congress 2014, Samsung revealed its new flagship GALAXY S5, which will be the first commercially available phone powered by the newest addition to the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ family—the Snapdragon 801 processor.

The Snapdragon 801 processor is an update to the highly popular Snapdragon 800 and includes several new features designed to enable enhanced mobile user experiences and overall performance. The Snapdragon 801 powers higher quality imaging with support for larger, faster camera sensors and improves image post-processing, as well as mobile graphics and gaming, higher speed SD card memory and dedicated hardware for dual-SIM/dual active (DSDA) service in China. Like the Snapdragon 800 processor, the Snapdragon 801 includes integrated 4G LTE, designed to offer smooth connectivity and high performance features.

The Samsung GALAXY S5 also boasts a 5.1-inch Full HD Super AMOLED display, dust and water resistance, a 16 MP camera with an enhanced menu and—according to Samsung—the world’s fastest autofocus speed at up to 0.3 seconds.

Samsung’s GALAXY S5 also features S Health 3.0 that provides a comprehensive personal fitness tracker, an Ultra Power Saving Mode that turns the display to black and white while also shutting down unnecessary features, a finger scanner that provides both secure, biometric screen-locking, plus seamless and safe mobile payment experiences.

Available in 16 GB and 32 GB options, the Galaxy S5 comes with a perforated pattern on back, with shimmery white, charcoal black, electric blue and copper gold color options. It will be available globally through Samsung’s retail channels, online and through carriers in April.

Apple Smart Shoes!!!!!!!!

I came across this article on and I thought it was interesting.

Is Apple expanding beyond computers and music players into the footwear industry? Not exclusive to the late Steve Job’s iconic New Balance, Apple filed a patent for a sensor that would go in any sole and allow anyone’s “smart shoes” to alert them when they needed to replace their worn-out sneakers. The sensor, which would connect to your iOS device, would exist either as a thin layer built in to the sole or be located in the heel. The requested patent can be summarized in three main parts: a detector for sensing when the shoe wears out, a processor to measure the detector’s data, and an alarm for alerting the user when a shoe is no longer stable.

The patent states, “As a shoe wears, physical support provided by the shoe decreases, thereby reducing associated protection from injury. When a critical wear level is reached, even if the shoe looks like it is not particularly worn, the shoe may not provide adequate support and may, in fact, cause damage to feet.”

Also incorporated is a wireless interface, hinting that Apple might expand on Nike+’s activity measurements. Do you wear your sneakers enough to need one of Apple’s sensors? Not included are the Apple sneakers that were issued exclusively to company employees in the early 90′s, but would you ever rock full blown iKicks?


Apple iPhone 5

Around this time tomorrow people all over will be getting ready to line up for the release of the most anticipated item of the year, the iPhone 5. With it’s bigger display and the addition of the 4g LTE technology and iO6 as well as many other improvements. This might be the best phone on the market once it releases. I’m an Apple fan so i’m definitely going to try to get my hands on one. Be sure to check out for more details about the iPhone 5. The price start at $199 and it is available in black and white as shown below.