NBA Playoffs 2013 – Conference Finals

Well the conference finals are finally set. The Western Conference Finals will include a tough Memphis Grizzlies team that is led by Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol. They’ll be going up against a young and wise San Antonio Spurs team led by veterans Tony Parker and Tim Duncan. I’m excited to see the series because you can never count the Spurs out but the toughness of the Grizzlies is unmatched by most.

The Eastern Conference Finals will include a Miami Heat team who have got in the same groove they were last year this time as they breezed through the playoffs to win the championship. The Heat are led by there big three LeBron James,  Chris Bosh, and Dwayne Wade. Even though Dwayne may not be 100% the heat have more than enough backup to pick up the slack with players like Norris Cole, Ray Allen, and who could (in my best shaq voice) Birdman, Birdman lol! The Heat will be going up against a young and surprising Indiana Pacers team. A determined team who have worked there way through the playoffs so far even without their superstar Danny Granger. I always considered the Pacers a sleeper team but after Granger was lost for the season I didn’t see them in the conference finals. With guys like Paul George, Lance Stephenson, and Roy Hibbert, who’s like a big man should. This should also be a interesting and physical series. A detailed view of the playoff tree is shown below.



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