Air Jordan IX “Black Bottom”

Yesterday on May 9, 2013 at 7pm, Nike released the “black bottom”  colorway of the Air Jordan IX. This shoe was first seen last year before the “photo blue” colorway was released. The story behind these are that these  were made by mistake. About 2000 pairs you read that right lol. The releasing of these are similar to the release of the “banned” Air Jordan Retro I. The release of these came out of no where but unlike the banned 1s. These only released on and retailed for $130. Where as the “banned 1s” made there way into outlets and if you were lucky enough to find them then you had a pair. There wasn’t alot of hype behind these maybe because of people hearing the term b-grades. Most people that are unfamiliar with the term think that it means fake in some way which is far from the truth. This only means that the shoe made didn’t match the product code. People would be surprised how many of their favorite shoes were b-grades lol.

Air Jordan IX (black bottom)


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