Air Jordan V “Grape”

The Air Jordan V “Grape” is an original Air Jordan V colorway. The sneaker has only been retrod once which was in 2006. The “Grape” Air Jordan V colorway will be releasing tomorrow Saturday, May 4th, 2013 for $160. This colorway is my personal favorite of the all the Air Jordan V collection. I first saw the shoe on an episode of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”. As soon as i saw it i wanted it. I wasn’t able get the shoe when it first because i was young and couldn’t afford to buy my own shoes. I was able to get them when they released in 2006 though with the help of a close friend of mine and a fellow SMK member. Since 2006 the hype that surrounds shoes now is through the roof and even thought that is one of the shoes that i wouldn’t mind having a second pair. I wouldn’t dare try unless i was guaranteed a pair. I can see the lines forming now. I hope everyone is safe and if you’re not able to get them at first just be patient like i was and when the hype dies down. I guarantee you’ll have a your pair.

Grape 5 Release

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