One Year Later

I missed it by a few days but around this time actually on April 18th of 2012 was the start of this blog. My cousin and I were sitting around and talking about shoes and other random things like we always do. We were discussing a particular issue we had and where the sneaker community was headed. Sad to say its at the point we thought and worst. But I thought what could I create to try to be heard and then it hit me. I read blogs all the time so why not create my own. I sat there and daydreamed about the idea for a few minutes and laughed. After I told my cousin what I was thinking he said “why not? I think you should do it”, and that’s where it all started. I try to talk about more of my interest besides shoes but I can’t get away from making post on shoes but its my blog so it doesn’t matter lol. I really appreciate all the people who support the blog and look for some very interesting topics coming up in the future!!!!!!!!


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