The Ravens are the Champs!

“No weapon formed against us shall prosper”, if you watched the ravens playoff games this quote from the bible was constantly repeated by ravens linebacker Ray Lewis. With all of the drama, name calling, and even a 34 minute delay in the Super Bowl. nothing could get in the way of what the ravens set out to do from the time training camp started which was win the Super Bowl. To me it is truly sad how SOME of the media tries to throw out all the negative things and what I guess seems to be the right time for them but the wrong time in my opinion to try to get athletes off their game. Through all of that media mess that was going on I could picture Ray Lewis saying “no weapon formed against us shall prosper”.

Now to talk about the actual game itself. It seemed as if the Baltimore Ravens had the momentum from the kickoff. The defense was shutting down kapernick and the 49ers and they couldn’t get anything going. Then the new superstar known as Jacoby Jones took over. He picked up where he left off in the game against the broncos with a huge catch that eventually helped them win the game. He had a similar catch in the Super Bowl but he was touched when he fell so when he got up. He did a quick juke move that left on defender on his stomach and another defender stuck in his tracks. Soon after that play he did something most teams wouldn’t want there returners to do. He received a kick off from the back of the endzone and took off. Eleven seconds later he was crossing the goal line with record 109 yard return and finishing it off by doing the dance made so popular by Ray Lewis the “squirrel dance”. After a 34 minute delay in the game due to the lights going completely out on one side. The momentum seemed to shift. The 49ers came storming back and tied the game up. Even though the 49ers put up a good fight and it was a great game. The ravens still pulled out the win. There was no way the ravens would send their star player out with a lost. I’ll end this by saying what’s meant to be will be. Despite all the distractions that came their way. The Ravens still prevailed and are now the Super Bowl champs!


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