Avery Johnson out as Nets coach

The Brooklyn Nets have elevated expectations this season, and a .500 record wasn’t good enough. Coach Avery Johnson was fired Thursday, his team having lost 10 of 13 games after a strong start to its first season in Brooklyn. “We don’t have the same fire now than we did when we were 11-4,” general manager Billy King said at a news conference in East Rutherford, N.J. “I tried to talk to Avery about it and we just can’t figure it out. The same pattern kept on happening.” Assistant P.J. Carlesimo will coach the Nets on an interim basis, starting Friday night with a home game against Charlotte. King said the Nets might reach out to other candidates, but for now the job was Carlesimo’s. The GM wouldn’t comment on a report that the team planned to get in touch with former Lakers coach Phil Jackson.

Ok I’ll say what most people won’t say. It’s pretty interesting to me that such a decision was made to fire a great coach after he chose to sit his star player out one game after the two had words maybe even a disagreement. I’ve heard Avery Johnson and Billy King say that it’s not fair to put this decision on Deron Williams. Ummmmm I’ll put it like this when your star player and your coach don’t see eye to eye then a decision has to be made period! Sure they’re just at .500 record being 14-14, but EVERY team has a slump during the season. But it’s teams out there worst than that and their coach is still there. Similar to Mike Brown being fired as the Lakers after just 5 games smh! All I’m saying is the players have to take some credit. They are on the court not the coach.


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