NBA Live 13 or not?

Speaking as a previous NBA Live fan, i have to start off by saying that i’m extremely disappointed in the fact that NBA Live 13 has been cancelled ONCE AGAIN. There was an official statement released by the head person at EA Sports giving the reasons why the title has been cancelled for a second time after a three year lay off. I just want to know why a video game can not be produced in three years. I will be so happy when the NBA 2K series has some competition and has no choice but to step up their game. To make it all simple just get the guys from the Madden series to work on NBA Live for next year and I know for sure it’ll be releasing. I’m pretty sure we don’t have to worry about Madden taking years off!Image




This classic from 97 is one of the most popular models of the air max series. Everything is pretty much the same except the hyperfuse material used and the $175 price tag, wow! The Nike Air Max ’97 Premium NRG Men’s Shoe features the same signature style as the original plus responsive cushioning and a durable outsole for lasting comfort. True fans can appreciate these. I might have to add these.

Apple iPhone 5

Around this time tomorrow people all over will be getting ready to line up for the release of the most anticipated item of the year, the iPhone 5. With it’s bigger display and the addition of the 4g LTE technology and iO6 as well as many other improvements. This might be the best phone on the market once it releases. I’m an Apple fan so i’m definitely going to try to get my hands on one. Be sure to check out¬†for more details about the iPhone 5. The price start at $199 and it is available in black and white as shown below.