Congrats Miami Heat

Well the 2012 has ended sadly and the Miami Heat are the World Champions of the NBA. After a long two years of the media beating up LeBron for leaving Cleveland and everybody else criticizing the other guys for joining up to win a championship. Some may say they cheated, some may say it was fair. But I don’t care what anybody says. I’ve been watching basketball for a long time and nobody has done it alone. I remember when the big 3 assembled in Boston. People were so excited for them and ready for them to win the championship. Maybe it was the age of the guys and what they had went through as star players on there own team. But whatever the case is the Miami Heat deserved it and Oklahoma City was a great opponent and will definitely be back next year. Also congrats to LeBron on getting that Finals MVP. He was the most scrutinized player on the whole team because of the way he departed Cleveland. You have to go through something to achieve something great and he’s done that. Now what will they say? I just hope they kill him with the Jordan comparisons and let him be.


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