With one more series left in the eastern conference finals (boston vs 76ers) it has been a very exciting semifinals from both conferences. From Allen Iverson presenting the game ball in game 6 in the celtics/76ers series to help them win game 6. To the very physical play from both the heat and the pacers. Also who could forget about the metta world peace drama that everybody tried to stir up. But I believe that even help make the series more interesting. I’ll have a separate blog about that later. Besides the boston/philadelphia series. The conference finals are pretty much set. See the matchups below:

Western Conference Finals: San Antonio Spurs vs. Oklahoma City Thunder

Eastern Conference Finals: Miami Heat vs. 76ers/Celtics


One thought on “NBA PLAYOFFS 2012

  1. The match ups are full of competitors. Tim Duncan a veteran wants a championship and plays hard every night. Kevin Durant works hard too. Never thought the Sixers would even be in the playoffs. I wonder how many “fair weather fans” are going for them. But the team to beat in the East is the Miami Heat. So who do u think is going to take it all?

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