NBA Playoffs 2012

NBA Playoffs 2012

It seems like the 2012 NBA season just started yesterday but 2012 playoffs have begun and the first round is off to a pretty interesting start. From the last second heroics of Kevin Durant. To the Los Angeles Clippers coming back from a 27 point deficit to be the Memphis Grizzlies. Also with Derrick Rose going down with a torn ACL and Iman Shumpert going down with the same injury. Does the absence of big names like Dwight Howard, Derrick Rose, Ray Allen, Caron Butler, and Iman Shumpert change the dynamic of those particular series? The matchups for the western and eastern conference are:

Western Conference

  • (1)San Antonio Spurs vs. (8)Utah Jazz   Series: 1-0
  • (2)Oklahoma City Thunder vs. (7) Dallas Mavericks  Series: 1-0
  • (3)Los Angeles Lakers vs. (6) Denver Nuggets  Series: 1-0
  • (4)Memphis Grizzlies vs. (5)Los Angeles Clippers  Series: 0-1

Eastern Conference

  • (1)Chicago Bulls vs. (8)Philadelphia 76ers  Series: 1-0
  • (2)Miami Heat vs. (7)New York Knicks  Series: 1-0
  • (3)Indiana Pacers vs. (6)Orlando Magic  Series: 0-1
  • (4)Boston Celtics vs. (5)Atlanta Hawks  Series: 0-1

2 thoughts on “NBA Playoffs 2012

  1. I like the up-to-date post on what’s going on in the playoffs! I’m excited to see how the Pacers, Grizzlies and Mavs bounce back from games that were in the grasp of their hands. Keep up the good work!

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